Community Sponsorship is a Home Office scheme that enables community groups to become directly involved in supporting the resettlement of families fleeing conflict and in need of protection.

Upon successful application to the Home Office to be a community sponsor, we will be allocated a family for whom we will be responsible for at least one year and we will be obliged to provide accommodation for them for at least two years.

We will responsible for:

• Meeting the family at the airport;
• Provide a warm welcome and cultural orientation;
• Providing safe and comfortable housing;
• Supporting access to medical and social services;
• English language tuition;
• Support towards employment and self-sufficiency.

And ultimately
• Helping the resettled family to make this their home.

The resettled family will be granted refugee status and five years limited leave to remain in the UK after which they will have the option to apply for indefinite leave to remain.

The nuts and bolts

We will submit an application to the Home Office setting out a detailed plan to support our resettled family. This will include evidence that we have sufficient financial provision to meet their needs. We need to demonstrate that we have available funding of at least £9000. This will go towards things like:

• Accommodation (paying rent prior to housing benefit being applied for and paying any top up rent)
• Repairs and decoration to the property;
• Furnishing the property and equipping the kitchen;
• Clothing, sanitary items and toys;
• English language tuition;
• Interpretation costs.
• Minor administrative expenses

You can read the full Community Sponsorship Scheme guidance Here:

Or, read this step by step guide to community sponsorship Here