We are Crowdfunding! We’ve had an absolutely phenomenal response to our fundraising appeal and we’ve now got just enough funds to make our application to the Home Office.  Help us to SMASH our target! Every additional donation will go towards improving the family’s accommodation and providing essentials such as clothing, cooking utensils and toys.
Let’s give them a lovely, cosy and most importantly, safe home: See our How to Donate page!
Thank you.

The Tottenham Refugee Alliance is a non-faith based group applying to be a community sponsor under the Home Office Community Sponsorship Scheme for a refugee family escaping conflict, most likely from Iraq or Syria.

We aim to provide a safe and comfortable home in London to one or more vulnerable families. Upon arrival in the UK we will look after all of the family’s needs: English language tuition, local orientation, settling into schools, identifying local amenities, support networks, registering at a GP, navigating local transport.