The voices of indigenous peoples have been raised in Glasgow around the COP26 Conference this week. They are a resounding chorus warning of the very pressing dangers of ignoring the impact of Climate Change. Already many of these communities have found themselves at the receiving end of changes in our climate – floods, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, our of control fires – all threatening their very survival and the survival of the biodiversity on which their ways of life rely. Sadly these peoples are the very ones who contribute least to the damage caused by the burning of fossil fuels and other contributory factors affecting the climate changes we are already witnessing. They tell us that if we ignore these signs and do not work towards keeping our planet safe, some may even lose their territories altogether, creating further refugee crises. We hope that the COP26 negotiations take due account of the situation of refugees already fleeing the impact of climate extremities and make their best efforts to take heed of their warnings.

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